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Weekly Digest #11 – Prizes, Challenges, Fellowships, Incubators, Accelerators, Mentorship Support, Funding Opportunities for Impactpreneurs (rolling deadlines&February 1-15)

upcoming deadlines for impactpreneurs

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Applications always open/accepted on a rolling basis:

Y Combinator: working intensively with the companies for three months, to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors on Demo Day (while the deadline for on-time applications was September 8, applications will be accepted until the batch starts in January).

UpLink: Innovation Portal, inviting to submit your innovation on UpLink as an entry point for your solution to the platform, to engage with the UpLink community, and be the first to hear of upcoming challenges which match the topical issue you are addressing.

SEIP: an online incubation program matches quality seeds with the best soil for sprouting.

Decade Ventures: looking for founders building the tools and businesses that can help usunderstand and adapt to a world changed by the climate crisis.

Ashoka Fellowship: a fellowship for social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that transform the society’s systems; list of countries.

FoodFutureCo: a scale-up accelerator in food, agriculture, social, & environmental entrepreneurship.

Thiel Fellowship: giving $100,000 to young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom.

Grid.Lab: accelerating energy transition and to support all parties involved in the changing energy field in Scandinavia.

MATTER: a membership-based incubator and an accelerator for healthcare startups at all stages of growth by creating access to learning and development opportunities, capital and customers and a dynamic community; Chicago roots and global reach with many of the members from outside the US.

Founders Factory: accelerating exceptional founders solving global problems using technology; the focus programs include Home&Hygiene accelerator.

Baltic Sandbox: Women in Tech, empowering female founders and supporting Women in Tech globally.

Dassault Systèmes: Electro Mobility Accelerator, accelerating successful mobility innovations, while optimizing cost, quality and customer experience, via Cloud or on Premis.

Muellners: LEARN, an online Growth Accelerator for entrepreneur talent to break into social sustainable product engineering.

Solar Impulse Foundation: a challenge for solutions protecting the environment in a profitable way, and bringing them to decision makers to help them adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

DART Labs: an accelerator helping the startups working towards healthier humans and a healthier planet from Switzerland and Europe to enter the US market.

The Difference Incubator: accelerator programs designed to help businesses at all stages of growth to set themselves up for long-term sustainability and social or environmental impact across the world.

Big Idea Ventures: food accelerators in New York, Paris, Singapore.

Mulago Foundation: Henry Arnhold Fellowship: finding leaders with promising conservation and climate solutions and helping them design and deliver them at scale.

Mulago Foundation: Rainer Arnhold Fellowship: finding leaders with promising poverty solutions and helping them design and deliver them at scale.

The Female Founders Lab: Pitch Labs for female founders with ideas/ventures impacting society.

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation: looking for social entrepreneurs with dynamic ideas to provide them with 3 years of unrestricted capital (totaling $300,000) and provide rigorous on-going support by joining their board of directors for the 3 years and partnering with the leader to help them to build capacity in their organization and scale their impact.

UpLink and the Global Plastic Action Partnership: Global Plastic Innovation Network, crowdsourcing diverse innovations and empowering a community of high-potential innovators to tackle the plastic pollution (submissions reviewed every 8-12 weeks).

February 1-15:

SE Greenhouse: practical tools, networks and resources to validate your idea, understand your customer, and formalize your growth strategies from fundraising to social impact measurement (February 1st).

Swedish Institute: She Entrepreneurs, a leadership program for highly motivated women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa region who are building successful and sustainable businesses with the potential to make a difference in their societies (February 2d).

SE Greenhouse: guiding you through the basics to launch your social enterprise (February 2d).

Hitachi: Innovation Challenge for Carbon Management for business solutions to help tackle one or several of the following problems: Environmental Data Collection / Carbon Measurement; New Services using Environmental Data (February 6th).

Climate-KIC: ClimAccelerator, looking for bold European climate entrepreneurs to lead the carbon removal industry (February 6th).

Impact HUB: an incubator for early stage Circular Economy startups located in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Europe (February 7th).

Global Warming Mitigation Project: Keeling Curve Prize, looking for projects with a proven track record of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere (February 10th  or when 500 applications is reached).

Cisco: Global Problem Solver Challenge aiming to recognize new business ideas that leverage technology for social impact from early-stage entrepreneurs around the world (February 11th).

Fit for Life Foundation: awarding grants of EUR 100,000 each to 3 non-profit organizations or social enterprises that are pioneering projects to promote lifelong fitness and health (February 15th). 

SE Greenhouse: an 8 week program designed to help you develop, test, and vet your ideas in a risk-free and supportive environment (February 15th). 

CityCoins: Stacks Accelerator, 3-month mentorship-driven track for teams who want to build the future of civic engagement (February 15th). 

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