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Remote Impact Jobs – List of Impact Employers with Multiple Openings (global, regional, multiple countries)

Remote Impact Jobs

Weekly Digests (fully remote paid impact jobs – global, regional, multiple locations)

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List of 1500+ impact employers (global, regional, multiple locations) updated on Sundays

List of impact employers with multiple openings.


All Turtles




Velocity Global

The Kaizen Company



AAA Intergalactic

Armed Conflict Location&Event Project

European Climate Foundation


WeConnect International

Internet Society

Global Income Coin




The Intern Group

Virtual Internships

Rainforest Alliance: global and multiple countries

Plan International: global and multiple countries

World Vision, global and multiple countries

Farm Radio International: global and multiple countries

Orbia: global and multiple countries (Europe, Asia, NA)

Habitat for Humanity International: anywhere, Europe, Middle East Or Africa

the female factor: Austria or a freelancing contract if you’re anywhere else in the world

Verra: worldwide with substantial overlap with US


Deel: EMEA, Americas

Sterling: Europe, Asia, NA UK, Central European or Eastern US Time Zones

ecobee; offices in Toronto, Canada and Leeds, UK (and remote ecopeeps in the US)

Merck: multiple locations worldwide

RMI: various locations worldwide

Médecins Sans Frontières: based in any MSF-OCBA Hub

United People Global: Asia, Africa, LatAm

Grafana Labs: various regions (DACH, EMEA, APAC)

Labcorp: various locations worldwide

Open Society Foundations: various locations worldwide

Danish Refugee Council: various locations worldwide

Catholic Relief Services: various locations worldwide

Multiple openings @Oxfam, various locations worldwide (Secretariat and Affiliates)

Expertise France: various locations worldwide

Olink: mostly within EMEA

Planet: a global company with employees working remotely world wide and joining from offices in San Francisco, Washington DC, Germany, and The Netherlands

TRM: a remote-first workplace, with hubs in San Francisco, Washington, DC and London

Habitat for Humanity International: anywhere, Europe, Middle East Or Africa

BenchSci; Canada, US, UK

Carbon Upcycling Technologies: NA and Europe

HID Global: various locations within NA, EU, LatAm

SheCodes: Europe,South America

Amnesty International: various locations worldwide

The Nature Conservancy: various locations worldwide

International Rescue Committee: various locations worldwide

Norwegian Refugee Council: various locations worldwide

Pathfinder International: can be based in any country that Pathfinder operates: United States, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Togo, Bangladesh, or Uganda

Conservation International: CI offices worldwide

Save the Children International: London or any existing Save the Children International office location

TDi Sustainability: offices located near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK with satellite offices in New York City; Amsterdam, Netherlands, Milan, Africa; Accra, Ghana; Vancouver, Canada; and Malmo, Sweden

Kisi: a global remote team spanning from America, Europe, Africa and Asia

Equatorise: Indonesia/UK

PRECISIONheor: mostly NA and UK

Orbis: various locations worldwide

Textile Exchange: a team located in 20+ countries, preference for NA-based applicants

Avantor: various locations worldwide

AI Fund: various regions worldwide

Internews: UK/US, Asia

Evidera: North America, Europe

Workera: EU,NA

Environmental Defense Fund: EU and NA

BSI: mostly EU, NA

dss+: mostly NA, EU

Wiley: mostly NA and EU/UK

Eaton: mostly NA, EU

Mozilla: US, Canada, Germany, UK

1Password: mostly US/Canada/UK/Netherlands

Storm4: mostly US/Europe

Cervest: mostly EU and USA

ProVeg: ideally US, UK, NL, BE, DE, CZ, PL, ES or SA, but also considering applications from exceptional candidates based elsewhere

Clean Air Task Force: mostly EU, but also US, LatAm

Chainalysis: mostly England, Denmark, US

Clarity AI: NY, London, Madrid

Astellas Pharma: Europe, China, Japan, US

Global Disinformation Index: based, and right to work, in the UK, Germany, or the USA (preferably in the following states: Texas, New York, Florida, or D.C.)

Relief International: US/UK(Head Office) and regional international opportunities(Africa/Asia/Middle East)

Equilibrium Energy; anywhere in the United States & Europe, or join one of our regional hubs in Boston, SF Bay Area, or London

COMPASS Pathways: United States or United Kingdom (can also be office based in New-York or London, UK)

Elevate Labs: anywhere in North or South America

Compassion International, regional locations (Asia, Africa, LATAM)

Velocity Global: global and multiple locations worldwide

CitizenLab: European timezone and UTC-05 and UTC+03 for engineering openings

South Pole


Room to Read: various locations worldwide

Teach for All: various locations worldwide

Novavax: various locations worldwide

Solvay: various locations worldwide

Human Rights Watch

PULA: Asia and Africa

IDinsight: mostly Africa and Southeast Asia

myAgro: GMT or EST +- 2

Maisha Meds: remote across Kenya and internationally, especially on the tech team


Frontiers: flexible within European Economic Area

FoodUnfolded: operating on a CET schedule but are open to candidates in other time zones with overlapping working hours

refurbed: within European timezone

The New Humanitarian: daily availability during some standard CET business hours/CET timezone

Web3 Foundation: Zug/Europe/CET time zone (+/-2hours)

Ruby Labs: Europe/UK

Ada Health: Germany/UK and  Berlin/Europe

Yara International: various locations within EU

GoStudent: fully remote within EU or/and in the offices in Vienna, Berlin, Lyon, London, Madrid, Milan or Athens

Klim: can be based in the office in Berlin or remote (EU only)

Pexapark: various locations within EU

NSF International: multiple locations (mostly various EU locations)

Certara: various locations within EU

Ubiq: Austria or similar timezone

Exnaton: CH/EU

Sweep: UK and EU

Veeva Systems: EU/UK


Taptap Send: mostly EU/UK

EcoOnline: Oslo, Norway, Tønsberg, Norway , Aarhus, Denmark, Limerick, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, Espoo, Finland, Gothenburg, Sweden, Liverpool, UK

Tier Mobility: mostly Berlin, London, Paris

YAZIO: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or the U.K.


ChargePoint; must be available to work flexibly from the local Offices in UK, Netherlands or Austria


Search for Common Ground: Africa&Middle East

Educate: East Africa


Women’s Fund Asia


Rune Labs


Stepped Care Solutions




VelocityEHS mostly NA


CARE USA: any country where CARE USA operates

Options Consultancy Services: mostly UK/Africa

Making Cents International

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