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Global & Regional Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs. Part 3: Mobility & Transportation Programs

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This is a blog post in the series “Resources for impact entrepreneurs”:  Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs. Part 3: Mobility & Transportation Programs.

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Awards, Prizes and Competitions:

Keeling Curve Prize: looking for projects with a proven track record of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere; the categories include transport&mobility.

Future Mobility Awards: recognizing startups that are bringing the very best new innovations to the industry, and enabling transformations in four key categories: Sustainability, AI for Safety, Connectivity and Virtual Development.

BCG, via iD, EP: European Startup Prize for Mobility, aiming to select and support every year the 10 most innovative and sustainable mobility startups in Europe (and neighboring countries) in order to shape a new landscape for sustainable mobility in EU and around the world.

Hyundai & POSCO: H2 Challenge, looking for hardware & software applications, technologies and solutions for hybridization and decarbonization in the areas comprising Transportation.

Siemens Stiftung: E-Mobility Innovation Calls: “Electric Mobility Made in Africa for Africa”.

Bosch: Future Mobility Challenge, an international technical competition for student teams to develop autonomous driving algorithms on 1/10 scale vehicles provided by the company.

XTC: a social innovation startup competition; the sectors include mobility.

Santander and Oxentia Foundation: Santander X Global Challenge | Countdown to Zero, an open call for startups and scale-ups in different areas: mobility, logistics and transport, and carbon offsetting alternatives.

BeIntelli: AI Mobility Contest, calling on early-stage startups and students to come up with new ideas where innovative applications and services come together; four categories: 1) moving people, 2) connected services for enhanced urban living, 3) last-mile logistics, and 4) advancing autonomous driving.

Hackathons, Incubators and Accelerators:

IAA Mobility: IAA Mobilitython, a hackathon for the mobility transition.

Urban Mobility Incubator: a 10-week incubation program to transform mobility ideas into deployed prototypes; geographical coverage: the primary focus are participants from the Baltic states, but ready to consider teams from elsewhere in the world if interested in registering the company in Latvia.

Volkswagen: Future Mobility Incubator, supporting innovative business ideas related to the mobility of the future and giving entrepreneurs from all over the world the chance to develop their innovative mobility concepts to market maturity.

IMPACT: Connected Car, a 6-month acceleration program.

MobilityXLab: an innovation hub (corporate accelerator) connecting startups/scaleups around the world with 7 corporates (Volvo Cars, Polestar, Ericsson, Volvo Group, Zenseact, Veoneer and CEVT!) to accelerate global innovation for the future of mobility.

Toyota and ISDI: Toyota Startup Accelerator program, looking for innovative solutions in the startup ecosystem that work in the fields comprising of Mobility for All.

EIT Urban Mobility, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): acts accelerating positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable.

Connected Places Catapult: Future of Air Mobility Accelerator, selecting 12 SMEs to join a 6-month programme, where they will receive support from a consortium of industry, academic and regulatory partners on the trial and testing of disruptive innovations; key challenges: Data-Driven Aviation, Smart Airports, Advanced Air Mobility.

Dassault Systems: Electro Mobility Accelerator, accelerating successful mobility innovations, while optimizing cost, quality and customer experience, via Cloud or on Premis.

Future Hub: Open Innovation Sustainability Accelerator, a kickstarter for startup & enterprise co-creation; the sustainability areas include mobility; geography: Baltic countries.

DeepTech4Good: an acceleration program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework, committed to help Deep Tech startups accelerate their development and scale up at European level; the application domains comprise smart mobility.

Plug and Play: three-month accelerator programs boosting startups through corporate business development, networking and pitch events, world-class mentorship, and the potential for investment; the sectors comprise mobility.

Startupbootcamp: a publicly listed startup accelerator focused on the best startups working on Mobility & Transportation.

Startup Wise Guys: Sustainability Accelerator, meant for B2B startups with solid and passionate teams, global ambitions, and the power to execute; the sectors include mobility; geography: online and offsite format for startups from anywhere.

MAN Accelerator: MAN Impact Accelerator, built to scale social ventures in transport and logistics with a considerable impact on society; geographical coverage: Europe, Brazil, Africa.

Africa Mobility Initiative: Africa Transformative Mobility Accelerator for transformative, practical, well researched and possibly tested solutions to urban mobility challenges in African Cities.

güil Mobility Ventures: Accelerator for Mobility Startups that want to access the Latin American market.

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