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Global & Regional Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs. Part 1.1: Agriculture & Food Global Programs

UPD: 100+ Growth Opportunities for Impact Startups: Online Programs, Fellowships, Challenges, Pitch Competitions, Bootcamps, Incubators, Accelerators, and more

This is the first blog post in the series “Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs”. Part 1.1: Food & Agriculture Global Programs.

Part 1.2: Agriculture & Food Regional Programs

Part 2: Water Global and Regional Programs

Food naturally connects all of us and it is certainly the easiest way for every single person to make a positive impact (from healthier eating patterns to reduced food waste), so let’s start with global growth programs for food & agriculture ventures.

Online Platforms, Networking, and Pitch Events:

SAIRA: a digital matchmaking platform that tackles the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by bringing established experts together with upstart innovators and facilitating long-term initiatives (incl. food&agriculture opportunities).

Food Entrepreneurs Community: an online community for those wanting to transform & power the new food revolution.

Vevolution: the plant-based and cell-tech business community.

Food Tech Matters: bringing together the investor, start-up and industry community.

FoodBytes: a digital and physical discovery program connecting the best and brightest startups with corporates and investors through structured mentor sessions, one-on-one corporate and investor meetings, and more, culminating in a live pitch competition.

Vegan Women Summit: VWS Pathfinder, first female founder summit and pitch competition dedicated exclusively to plant-based innovation.

Awards & Challenges:

World Food Forum: Startup Innovation Awards, a global startup competition established to support and showcase innovators and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of technology to drive the sustainable transformation of agri-food systems in support of ending global hunger and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fi: Global Startup Innovation Challenge, competition aimed at rewarding innovative projects within the F&B industry through a specialised support programme tailored to their needs.

The Future of Sports, The Future of Medicine and FoodFWD: Forces of Change Awards, awards for innovators across the food, sports and health industries.

Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen: IMPACT 2025 – Topsector T&U Innovation Prize,  selecting international and ground-breaking innovations that contribute to the realisation of sustainable horticulture: cross-border innovation.

Forward Fooding: FoodTech 500, showcasing selected international AgriFoodTech startup and scaleup companies using a unique methodology to rank them based on their business size, digital footprint, and sustainability practices.

UN Climate Change Conference: Tech For Our Planet challenge programme, an opportunity for startups to pilot technology that will help reach our net zero targets (incl.Challenge 2 On Our Plate).

Attention FWD: Forces Of Change Awards, honoring innovators who are making an impact and shaping the future (the sectors include food).

Future Food-Tech: Innovation Challenges for start-ups to tackle some of the most critical issues facing the food-tech industry (The Kellogg Challenge: new microbiome-based innovation for gut wellness; The Unilever Challenge: improving the taste, texture, sustainability of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives).

Iberdrola: Agrivoltaics Startup Challenge, seeking low-cost and environmentally-friendly solutions to combine the roll-out of photovoltaic plants and certain primary sector activities in rural areas in a sustainable way.

Incubators & Accelerators:

Counterfactual Ventures: a startup creation studio, an incubator and venture capital fund that is in the business of replacing factory farming and unsustainable fishing practices with scalable alternative protein solutions.

ProVeg Incubator: supporting pioneering companies that are developing disruptive alternatives to animal-based products and services.

Rockstart: a domain-focused accelerator-VC with follow-on growth funding that supports and empowers the best startups on their way to success across four domains, including agrifood.

SOSV: accelerators for elite startups from around the world tackling the biggest problems; the areas include disruptive food.

100Accelerator: an accelerator for innovative solutions that have the ability to scale quickly and make a significant impact on one or more of the challenge areas (incl. smart agriculture).

FoundersLane: several programs for startups; the focus sectors include agriculture.

Plug and Play: 60+ accelerators; the focus areas include food&beverages and agtech.

Kaizen Company: two hybrid technology incubator/accelerator programs to address global challenges in food security and conflict resolution.

RootCamp: incubators and accelerators focused on agrifood tech innovation (for startups from anywhere, but the program takes place in Hannover).

Sente: looking for innovative startups that are disrupting the indoor agriculture world (3 startup programs).

NetImpact: Food Solutions Challenge, an accelerator and pitch competition focused on finding solutions to the most pressing issues in food and agriculture.

FoodFutureCo: a scale-up accelerator in food, agriculture, social, & environmental entrepreneurship.

HortiHeroes: startup program for food & flower startups

Eatable Adventures: an accelerator for food companies.

THRIVE Accelerator: supporting seed stage startups from all areas of the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.

Acumen Academy: Climate Resilient Agriculture Accelerator, helping to scale your business and bolster the climate resilience of smallholder farmers.

Leonhardt Ventures: an innovation accelerator focused on Convergence of Bioelectrics & Biologics for Organ Regeneration and Healing.

Brinc: empowering founders who are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges through new technology-based solutions: alternative protein, agritech, food technology; location: virtual remote programs and ideally, must be looking to deploy their product / solution in the Asian market.

GROW: Southeast Asia’s agrifoodtech accelerator with an impact focus (online and onsite format for startups from anywhere).

Sprout: helping you navigate your entrepreneurial journey so your company and product gets noticed by Investors who ‘get it’ and want to see you grow a global innovation; location: virtual program, but teams will be expected to travel to New Zealand for a minimum of two visits. It’s our expectation that each company has a business plan to address the New Zealand market and/or connect with one of Sprout’s partners.

FoodTech Accelerator: a Milan-based accelerator, selecting up to 10 of the best startups worldwide each year to boost food innovation.

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