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Be Your Own Mentor. Part 4: Pitch Decks, Raising Capital, Impact Investing

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This is a blog post in the series “Resources for impact entrepreneurs”:  Be Your Own Mentor. Part 4.

Part 1: Tools and Online Platforms

Part 2: Online Programs and Courses

Part 3: Mentorship Support, Online Communities, and Talent Pools

Pitch Deck Templates:

Founder Institute: pitch deck templates.

The Female Founders Lab: free tutorial and deck template.

Venture University: startup resources (pitch deck, investment evaluation, etc.).

37 Angels: resources and blog by investors (ventures hacks, pitch decks, fundraising checklist, list of blogs by investors).

JumpStart Foundry: Healthcare Startup Resources (incl.pitch deck template).

Raising Capital:

Linkedin Learning: raising capital.  

Y Combinator: startup library (fundraising+investors).

Female Founders Fund: VC resources.

SoGal Foundation: courses on investing, breaking into VC, and more.

Kauffman Entrepreneurs: learning materials (Grow Your Business: approaching investors).

WAMVentures: resources and tools (angel investing, venture deals, etc.).

MergeLane: resources (incl.investment cases, venture capital, etc.).

Marigold Capital: resources (incl.podcasts on venture capital).

Drawdown Fund: a series of the books, articles, talks and resources that have been instrumental in helping build the Drawdown Fund (incl.investing).

CASE Smart Impact: a self-paced online program to learn to close the best deal for your impact venture.

Impact Investing:

SOCAP: impact investing overview, tools and resources

Sopact: impact investing guide.

Next Wave Capital: resources (angel investing, venture capital investing, crowdfunding resources, etc.).

CASE Smart Impact: an online toolkit to help make impact investment fundraising easier.

venturedeals: standard forms of documents used for early stage financings.

Talgra: Invest with Values, a free educational resource that connects the dots between related investment areas including local banking, community investing, impact investing, and socially responsible investing.

Nia: diversity resources (incl.a due diligence guide for investing, etc.).

Athena Capital: Resources for Investing in Gender Equality.

GenderSmart: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Investing Toolkit.

Stay tuned on Linkedin and Twitter for more useful resources and updates on online programs, fellowships, awards, competitions, incubators, accelerators.

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