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upcoming deadlines for impactpreneurs

Weekly Digests (upcoming deadlines for impactpreneurs: programs, fellowships, challenges, pitch events, bootcamps, incubators, accelerators, funding opportunities)

You will find below the most useful online platforms for your global and regional impact startup programs search. In most cases you can subscribe to newsletters/updates to make your search even easier.

Platforms for impact entrepreneurs

LeanVentures: global and regional programs for impactpreneurs (upcoming deadlines for impact programs, fellowships, competitions, challenges, awards, bootcamps, pitch events, incubators, accelerators, funding opportunities etc.)

Impact Shakers Community: weekly roundups with learning and funding deadlines for impact entrepreneurs.  (mostly for Europe-&UK-based startups)

Ogunte: bi-weekly lists of current opportunities to ignite your social impact project. (mostly for UK-based ventures)

StartSomeGood: weekly digests – events and opportunities for social entrepreneurs.

Impact Hub Community: programs, events and opportunities for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and innovators.

Social Innovation Community, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development & Social Impact Professionals groups on facebook: occasional posts on opportunities for impactpreneurs.

UpLink: a list of global challenges for mission-driven entrepreneurs and young innovators.

Agorize: a list of innovative challenges for startups.

Other startup platforms

Ambivation: a list of latest startups challenges.

F6S: a list of startup programs with upcoming deadlines.

Incubator List: a list of startup incubators and accelerators.

GAN: a list of accelerator events. 

VC4A: a list of upcoming programs for entrepreneurs. (mostly for Africa-based startups)

ProFellow: a free database of funding awards for professional development.

Series of blog posts ”Learning and Funding Resources for Impact Entrepreneurs”, ”Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs”

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