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Global & Regional Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs. Part 2: Water Global and Regional Programs

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This is a blog post in the series “Resources for impact entrepreneurs”:  Growth Opportunities for Impact Entrepreneurs. Part 2: Water Global and Regional Programs.

Part 1.1: Food & Agriculture Global Programs

Part 1.2: Food & Agriculture Regional Programs


Nexus Community: a global and curated community of professionals sharing solutions, business opportunities and knowledge related to water nexus thematics.

Awards, Prizes and Competitions:

Global Water Awards: a competition for projects demonstrating a significant contribution to the water industry.

XPRIZE Carbon Removal: a four-year global competition for innovators and teams from anywhere on the planet to create and demonstrate solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans ultimately scaling massively to gigaton levels, locking away CO2 permanently in an environmentally benign way.

MIT: Water Innovation Prize, startup competition focused on water innovation that awards up to $35K to student-led teams from across the country and internationally.

Brew Accelerator: yearly competitions unleashing water innovation by funding water technology startups from around the world with commercialization potential.

XPRIZE Foundation: large-scale global incentive competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world’s grand challenges; the domain areas include oceans.

UN Climate Change Conference: Tech For Our Planet challenge programme, an opportunity for startups to pilot technology that will help us reach our net zero targets (incl.Challenge 6 For Our Water).


100Accelerator: an accelerator for innovative solutions that have the ability to scale quickly and make a significant impact on one or more of the challenge areas (incl. water stewardship).

Imagine H2O: an innovation accelerator for the world’s top water entrepreneurs.

Katapult: Ocean Accelerator, a digital program that combines 90 days of intense workshops, networking events and learning sessions with $150,000 – 500,000 investments.

Sustainable Ocean Alliance: Ocean Solutions Accelerator for ocean-focused startups.

HATCH: accelerating sustainable aquaculture with a requirement for teams to visit the three office locations during the program (Hawaii, Norway and Singapore).

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