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Be Your Own Mentor. Part 4: Pitch Decks, Raising Capital, Impact Investing

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This is a blog post in the series “Resources for impact entrepreneurs”:  Be Your Own Mentor. Part 4.

Part 1: Tools and Online Platforms

Part 2: Online Programs and Courses

Part 3: Mentorship Support, Online Communities, and Talent Pools

Pitch Deck Templates:

Founder Institute: pitch deck templates.

The Female Founders Lab: free tutorial and deck template.

Venture University: startup resources (pitch deck, investment evaluation, etc.).

37 Angels: resources and blog by investors (ventures hacks, pitch decks, fundraising checklist, list of blogs by investors).

JumpStart Foundry: Healthcare Startup Resources (incl.pitch deck template).

Raising Capital:

Linkedin Learning: raising capital.  

Y Combinator: startup library (fundraising+investors).

Female Founders Fund: VC resources.

SoGal Foundation: courses on investing, breaking into VC, and more.

Kauffman Entrepreneurs: learning materials (Grow Your Business: approaching investors).

WAMVentures: resources and tools (angel investing, venture deals, etc.).

MergeLane: resources (incl.investment cases, venture capital, etc.).

Marigold Capital: resources (incl.podcasts on venture capital).

Drawdown Fund: a series of the books, articles, talks and resources that have been instrumental in helping build the Drawdown Fund (incl.investing).

CASE Smart Impact: a self-paced online program to learn to close the best deal for your impact venture.

Impact Investing:

Sopact: impact investing guide.

Next Wave Capital: resources (angel investing, venture capital investing, crowdfunding resources, etc.).

CASE Smart Impact: an online toolkit to help make impact investment fundraising easier.

venturedeals: standard forms of documents used for early stage financings.

Talgra: Invest with Values, a free educational resource that connects the dots between related investment areas including local banking, community investing, impact investing, and socially responsible investing.

Nia: diversity resources (incl.a due diligence guide for investing, etc.).

If you opt for individual guidance, you are just one step away.

Stay tuned on Linkedin and Twitter for more useful resources and updates on online programs, fellowships, awards, competitions, incubators, accelerators.

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