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Be Your Own Mentor. Part 1: Tools and Online Platforms

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There are many online platforms with resources for impact startups and you can therefore compile different (often free) materials and courses in order to build your own curriculum. If you prefer to move forward on your own, here is the first part in the series ‘’Be Your Own Mentor’’. 

Part 2: Online Programs and Courses

Part 3: Mentorship Support, Online Communities, and Talent Pools

Part 4: Pitch Decks, Raising Capital, Impact Investing

Tools and Templates:

Social Lean Canvas: an online tool with social lean canvas templates.

Canvanizer: a web tool with easy to share canvas templates.

Business Makeover platform: a platform with business model tools.

Strategyzer: canvases templates and other tools.

LEANSTACK: lean canvas tool and more. 

37 Angels: tools.

Innov8social: tools to make social entrepreneurship and impact leadership more accessible and actionable.

Online platforms:

Y Combinator: startup library.

Social Ventures Australia: a business planning guide for social enterprises.

UnLtd: a suite of training guides to support.

MovingWorlds: Social Entrepreneur Guide

Cartier Women’s Initiative: courses, videos, and articles.

Queen’s Commonwealth Trust: a range of free learning materials and useful links to help you build your leadership and enterprise skills.

Envolve Entrepreneurship: resources to grow business or work on a new business idea.

Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs: learning resources for social enterprises.

REDFworkshop: free resources for employment social enterprises.

Yunus&Youth: resources for social entrepreneurs.

Triple Crown Leadership: social entrepreneurship resources.

VillageCapital: PlayBook on Team Building.

Kauffman Entrepreneurs: learning materials (Develop Ideas, Get Started).

Pioneer Post: collections of resources.

Makesense Spot: videos, podcasts, articles, templates and all you need for your impact project.

Sopact: Social Impact Resources.

Buy Social Scotland: Bootcamp Resources – Practical Marketing Tips for Social Enterprises.

Hatch Enterprise: a helpful list of resources to help you and your business get through these challenging times.

Reach for Change: Tools to support your journey as a social entrepreneur (courses and templates).

Social Innovation Community: Learning Repository (innovation tools and resources).

Swedish Institute: toolbox for the social business.

RoundPeg Benefit: resources for impact ventures

100+ startups offering free products and services

Have you ever wondered, why professional athletes have coaches? Right, this allows them to progress faster, and if you opt for individual guidance, you are just one step away.

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1-Year Challenge. Monthly Updates

1-Year Challenge. Impact Idea #2. Part 1: Impact Job Seeker Dilemma

You should never work for someone, unless you would hire them in an alternative universe


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This  is the third monthly update within my 1-year challenge.

I launched a Linkedin group to share remote impact job opportunities (Remote Impact Jobs) a few months ago while searching for a meaningful job opportunity myself. Following a marathon of 50+ interviews and exploratory calls last year I got into, what I call, an ‘’impact job seeker dilemma’’. Paraphrasing Phil Knight – ’’The junk merchant doesn’t sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product’’, – I failed to sell different companies/job offers to myself. Life was pushing me in another direction, and that’s how I came up with my 1-year challenge and decided to focus on my very own project LeanVentures this year.

It is starting to take more and more time to monitor and share job offers in the Linkedin group though. And then it is definitely not the easiest way to proceed: 

  • thousands of job offers are published daily (even on weekends);
  • pretty much anything is called an impact job and it is hard to avoid irrelevant employers/job offers;
  • key details are missing in most of the jobs offers (exact remote location (region/country/time zone), deadlines, days the offers were posted, etc.);
  • some of the offers are getting reposted and I therefore happen to share some of the opportunities several times;
  • the number of posts is limited, they get lost in the group thread, and there is no way to sort them by categories (sustainability, social impact, ESG, environment..).

And the list goes on.

All in all, although the Remote Impact Jobs Linkedin group serves its purpose, it does not seem to be the most efficient way to help impact job seekers. So, the idea is to make it easier for anyone looking for a remote impact job to monitor the relevant job offers. Let’s see how the group can be turned into a job platform over the next few weeks. There is no single solution to solve all the problems. I will therefore choose a niche. There are already too many job listings after all.

Are you looking for a remote job with a purpose – feel free to subscribe to weekly digests to be the first to know about the platform launch.

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